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Hi, I’m Gianna!

Gianna is a 20-year+ event industry professional and thought leader who currently holds the position of Global Head of Events, Training and Certification at Amazon Web Services. A former Google Marketing Events leader for nine years, and former Global Head of Events for the SoftBank Vision Fund, Gianna is an experienced event leader and the author of Amazon best-selling book, The Art of Event Planning. Gianna has a powerful platform supporting the industry as a speaker and writer. She created this online course and published The Art of Event Planning to share her personal strategies for successful engagement in event planning with hopes that learning how to take your event planning career to the next level can also be exciting and fun in the process. She is a guest speaker at the California state schools and her book is part of their hospitality program curriculum. In addition to her passion for creating impactful experiences and events, Gianna holds her Court of Master Sommeliers certification, is a certified interior designer, former concert pianist and marathon runner. She resides in San Francisco, California with her son, Jack, and husband, Garrett.

The Art of Event Planning

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